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What are the advantages of IoT?

The future is today. Internet of Things connects all devices to the Internet, creating new opportunities for all products. The customer use of the products can be evaluated and products can be maintained on point by monitoring the data. This leads to cost savings while at the same time increasing the economic value of the product. You also offer your customers a more convenient product by allowing the product to interact with all major smart home platforms

What are the use cases for IoT?

The area of operation is huge, we've only listed a few areas here like environmental monitoring, business reporting, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, compliance reporting and much more

How can we test our product with IoT?

We offer an extensive playground, with which your company is able to use our platform and develop a first proof of concept. On request, we will develop a custom prototype so that your company is able to evaluate the feasibility of your use cases

How the integration works?

We offer you a complete end-to-end integration by our custom solution service. We work out your individual strategy to realise your IoT upgrade as easy as possible. We just install the hardware and your product gets access to our ecosystem. Our platform now takes over all other tasks for you

How the customer connect our product to the ecosystem?

Your customer initializes your product by our easy guided mobile app. No technical know-how is required

Is it possible to host on-premise?

Our state-of-the-art architecture allows you to host the OneIoT platform on your own server. In this way, you retain full data sovereignty and control over the system

How secure is OneIoT?

The ecosystem is secure by design. Thanks to PKI-based device identity, key generation via HSM and state-of-the-art encryption technologies we can prevent unauthorized access. In the unlikely event that something should happen, we can immediately detect and close the data leak thanks to leading-edge AI technology

What hardware can we use?

We offer a selection of different communication modules. Our hardware comes with the OneIoT operating system, which takes care of secure and reliable connectivity. However, it is also possible to connect your own hardware to the cloud

Is the OneIoT frontend suitable for our use cases?

Our frontend is highly configurable and can be customized to your exact needs. Of course we also adapt the frontend to your branding

Can we build our own frontend?

We also offer a well-documented API that makes it very easy for you to write your own application

What about privacy and DSGVO?

We store the data anonymously in order to avoid a personal data mapping of your customers. We also cooperate with experts in this field and comply with German data protection standards

What is an over-the-air (OTA) update?

OTA brings you huge benefits by keeping your product up to date at all times. You can maintain the product without being on site or without having to call back. Just update your firmware via our device management. This also allows new functions to be tested and evaluated directly in the customer's field using an easy split test approach

Can we scale with OneIoT?

Our platform scales for all the needs of your business. From prototype to live production with millions of devices

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